Samstag, 31. August 2013

10 random facts about me ;-***

Hi Guys!!!!
Well actually I planed on posting a new outfit of mine today but I'm not feeling very well and I stayed at home the whole day and didn't even go to school :-( 
But I hope I get well soon .... so for today I thought I could post 10 random facts about me to get to know me better  ;-)

1. PINK:
 is my alltime favourite colour since I am a little kido <33  and I realy love wearing pink!!!

2. SHOES: 
Believe it or not I don't even have any insight about my shoes!!! I think I owe almost 100 or something!!! Seriously I stopped counting when I was at 76. As far as I remember!

M.M is one of the greatest actress, singer, entertainer and idole in the world. I'm her greatest fan. Why I adore her so much is, because she realy faught for dreams! Infact I have a huge poster of her in my room :-D

Every month I read the Cosmo with great pleasure;-)))

5. Tochter des Meeres: The Daughter of the ocean is my favourite book. It's a story about a little girl. She is a perfwct swimmer and ... Well that's an other story ;-)

6. Indian jewels: 
What I love about indian jewelry is all the sparkle and glitter!!! I couldn't believe my eyes even e-bay has indian jewels :-D !!!
e-bay Link:

7. Fruit smoothies:
My favorite snacks are fruits and smoothies to keep me fit :))

8. Barbie doll:
Barbie has accompanied me through my whole childhood and she's my seceret hero ;-**

9. mmh ... Spaghetti: 
Spaghetti is my favorite food! I especially love  it on cold, cloudy and rainy days.

10. Jonny Depp:
I think johnny depp is the best actor I've ever seen . What I personally love about him is his incredible versatility.
He's my STAAAR!!!!

Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Goodbye Ki$S to summer ๐Ÿ’‹

Since school has started I realy tried to stay energic and fit but the more the weather gets bad from day to day I started feeling more and more dull and tired :-(
So I decided to take this last opportunity of kind a good weather to wear my bright neon colloured kiss-lips dress! I bought it for 20$ in Singapore in Far East's Mall.
Though the dress is quite bright, i combined it with very simple accesoires like hairbands and rings and with a pair of pink shoes, which I actually bought at a market in Luino for allmost 25£ :-DDD

P.S: Idecided to post more cultural stuff once a month with some extras;-)

So i hope you all had a wonderfull day!!!

KI$S ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹


Sonntag, 25. August 2013

It's all aboout fa$hion ;-33

Hiii Guys!!!
Well a couple of weeks before I started my final college-project:
I'm organizing my own fashion show!!! :D
I'm trying to combine and associate two cultural aspects. My goal is to create portable outfits with a little bit indian and a little bit european style. At the moment I feel like I'm living in a shop cause my bedroom is full with wardrobe rods and I can hardly move!
I really love sparkling things on my decoltee or round my arms or on my fingers. What I absolutely love are earrings. They are my most precious treasures!!! Interesting piece of trivia not wearing jewelry as a woman is like a crime against the cultural views of a woman. I once went to a temple in India not wearing any kind of jewels.
I know now I would never walk into a temple without wearing bangles or earrings etc. You must have seen the looks they gave me!!!!
I felt soooo uncomfortable! But I'm sure they meant it on a good way :)
Any way ... untill the show will take place I'm planing on posting my designs and new ideas about how to wear "mixed fashion"
Hope you like it ;)

This is my absolute favorite masterpiece!!!
 I love it soo much!!! Like I would say: "expression through fashion" <33

 This is my latest piece I'm working with. The material is very difficult to work with but I'm more excited about how it will look like at the end ;)

 A little motivation for the new challenging start to this week!

You are there today, where you have placed your thoughts, you'll be there tomorrow where your thoughts lead you. "
--James Allen--

Mittwoch, 21. August 2013

Let's go Leopard ;-**

I chose this title especially of my clutch ;) It's really neat and very practical! 
You can put in everything you need...sunglasses, lipgloss, your money, mobile phone        and and and....
I'm wearing a leather skirt, which is elastic round the hips and an orange sleeveless top. I tried to remain the jewels in the background so that the attention is focused on the leopard patterned clutch!!!
My tip for unic things...secondhand-shops and markets, faires and trades ;-**

Yeaaahh whipping my hair back ;-P

orange sleeveless-top by H&M 14.90 CHF
neckless by claire's about 20 CHF
watch from my mom ;)
leather-skirt by C&A 15.00 CHF
Rings by six (got them on a super sale ;) )
LEOPARD CLUTCH from Singapore -> Market 20 $


Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Bump the fist BOY!!!

Everything I'm wearing is from Singapore except my shoes they're from H&M. Grey-top, denim-shirt, my clutch, my BOY cap and my pins are from a market in Singapore. I really loved my shopping-trip to Singapore!!! 

three pins for only 5$

grey-top 12$
denim skirt  10$
transparent bag 20$
shoes 29.90 CHF
BOY- cap 45 $

don't dream your life, live your dream!!!

Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

A little bit of CHANEL <33

Maharaja shoes from India 
If you want some of these don't hesitate to contact me ;-)

This magnificent watch is occupied with little red crystals in a very special structured netting ,;-**
Made in Singapore <33

Do it like Chanel <33

Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

A sparkle of Bollywood ***

I absolutely love this outfit. It's a very simple black overall with long sleeves. I tried to drive your attention more on the indian jewels like my enormous earrings or on the extravagant headdress ;-***

I really love my special wrist chain with the ring in front <33

I absolutely love these gold zippers on the side!!!

smile please ;-))

Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

2nd STOP: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - the radiant island

Sri Lanka was one of the most  beautiful places we've been.You will find a warm and friendly population and sprawling tropical beaches.

Seafood are in addition to the Aapam and Idiapam the most famous delicacy :-P

Look I even found a Cafรฉ named after me :D

If your body needs some hours of indulgence don't hesitate to contact Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort. They offer you fantastic treatments and massages from head to toe.

What I enjoyed most about this country is the colorful way of life!!!

Keep smiling :)


 Bye bye Sri Lanka ... <33