Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Voyage de Fashion

Guess where I am right know?!!?!?!

*********************SINGAPORE ************************

OMG!!! You won't believe it (or may be you do  ) it is soooo awesome here. The weather, the people, the food and most important SHOPPING !!!!

This is my first trip to Singapore and I love it <33

I've never been to New York, but I would say it's just as good as New York. Singapore is so international and the people here are very friendly 
What I even loved more, is that everyone had a particular, extraordinary,different and at the same time magnificent style. 

Check this out !!!!! :D

Sunday 14. July. 2013 


Firstly I decided to start my day with a healthy breakfast, which will keep me fit and full with energy through the whole day: fresh fruits brown bread with honey. I love fresh orangejuce in the morning. It is full of Vitamine C and has a magical affect to cheer you up.

Mmmm.... Yummiii :P  )

Departure was about 15.00 so I had enough time to choose my perfect travel outfit. I decided to go with a simple black overall combined with orange/beige high heels and an orange belt, golden jewels and some black and white bangles. Just to give it a little bit more texture. To keep it all simple I made a ponytale so that my face appears more bright. I have to admit the high heels were killing me after about 40 minutes!!! But I’m glad that I was in the flight on my seat by then. So I could take them off and relax my feat.

(shoes from Dosenbach SALE: 24.90 CHF


After a long trip about 5093 km we finally arrived in Dubai. Which I call "the city of mystical eyes". 
Beautiful jewels, scarfs and unique souvenirs are available all over the airport. There is especially one shop, which I really appreciate. That shop hasn't a name but it's easy to find, cause it's very central and there is a big camel statue in front of the shop (it's more like an open shop).

( Rings each 135 Dirhams = about 40.00 CHF)

<33 cute souvenirs

Monday 15. July. 2013 


My favorite shoppingcenter is called FAR-EAST. It's full with cute little shops, which offer you unique tops, pants, dresses and shoes  <33

So if you are planing to go to Singapore, this mall is really worth it¨¨

And don't forget to walk and shop along the Orchard Road, it is like our "BHf-strasse" in Zurich  Just much longer!!!!
Shops like Forever 21, Top Shop or for all ladies Vicoria's Secret are waiting for you ;)

Oh yeaaah two bags full !!!!

Orchard Parade Hotel


(Marilyn Monroe and  Betty Boop)

If you are looking for a well located Hotel, the Orchard Parade Hotel is very central and gives you a lot of opportunities.

Interesting places to visit:

- little India
- China Town

(both districts are copies from the original countries: the food, smell, the appearance... simply everything)

- Universal Studios !!!!

Keep smiling and have fun in Singapore:)

Next stop Sri Lanka ;)

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

Hei Guys
This is my first post ;)
My name is Angela and I'm 18 years old. I live in Switzerland and I'm trying to creat a blog with my own fashion ideas. I would love to become a fashion designer I could actually say I have a burning desire to become a fashion designer :D But it's not really common to do something with art or jobs which aren't "sure enough for a whole life" in my culture. In the last two years I was trying to define my style and I'm still trying to create and figure out my style with my cultural background, which is really difficult!!!
*****Bollywood is all about glitter and glamour*** And it's hard to find a pleasant way to combine usual clothing with Bollywood items.
From time to time there will be some posts about food or cultural experience too. And other cool stuff. If you have any questions or request or even ideas please don't hesitate to contact me ;) 

I hope you'll enjoy my posts <33

                                                   (This was one of my first Indian shootings)

 This wonderful typical Indian outfit is from a small but very cute and cosy shop in Zürich. You'll find the whole set including jewels and even bindis :))