Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Paris à la Indie

Hei Everyone!!!
Well since I saw this awesome turban hat on ebay I just must had it! I found my old souvenir Paris Jumper in my closet and cut the other half off and made it to a crop top-jumper ^.^
Thanks to my red turban-hat this outfit got it's indian touch <3
Especially to all my followers on Instagram thanks for 600 followers!!! I'm sooo happy!!!

<3 u guys!!!! 

Hope you're all well!

I ❤️ Paris Jumper from a souvenirshop in Paris 49.90 € 
Skirt ZARA SALE 9.90 CHF
Red Turbanhat Ebay 4.95 £ 
Bag NoLimit from India 
Ballerinas from a Market in Italy 15€ 
Kneesocks H&M 14.90 CHF 


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