Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

Flowery Saturdayzzzz

Shoes Vögele Shoes about 99.90 CHF
trousers H&M 59.90 CHF
Blouse ZARA Super Sale 29.90 CHF
Hat ZARA Super Sale 19.90 CHF 
Black 2 in one Coat ZARA 19.90 CHF
Necklace H&M Super Sale 5.00 CHF

Since Winter is passing by I thought to spice up my super saturday with some flower power!
I went to ZARA a couple of days ago and it's just crazy in there. All the articles are redonkulously set down in price!!! So I just had to buy some accessories and set down jacket and I found beautiful sunglasses... and so on :O
This cool rucksack I'm wearing is actually not mine. It's one of my good friends one and I just had to lend it from her to accomplish my Outfit and simply make it fabulous <33
I was wondering if you have any wishes on Outfits I could try or any ideas you'd like to see. Just subscribe or write me an e-mail. I'm really interested what you think :) So don't hesitate to contact me.
Hope you're all well!


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