Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

5-Day 5

Day 5 was one of the most interessting day of the whole week. Our teachers allowed us to take free for the morning so we could use this time for our own advantages and do stuff we wanted to do... like to relax, mani pedi, shopping, chlilling or other stuff ;;-)
In the afternoon we went to a castle more in the north of Montpellier. It was the residence of the financeminister of king louis XIV.
The hole residence was so impressive! I couldn't believe that i actually had the  chance to have a glance of this incredible part of ancient history. Well maybe not thaaat much but it did ;-)
I didn't even thought of it but my outfit seemed just to be perfect for this location ;-***

leather jacket from PULL&BEAR 59.99 £
flowered dress from PULL&BEAR 24.99£


Coco Chanel was a legend ;-*

Hope you're all well!


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