Montag, 2. September 2013

Lolita ;-**

Today I bought a new dark red Lipstick from Manhattan. The best which suites red is gold ... so I tried to combine a "lolita-style" but with indian jewellry! Through this combination I insisted that the outfit should include best of both world ;-)

Jewellry from India
Golden Top - H&M 14.90 CHF
White trousers - Tally Weijl 29.90 CHF
White blazer with golden elements from Singapore - SHUIFURONG 100$
Clutch - Zara 39.90 CHF
Shoes - Zara 49.90 CHF
Lipstick - Manhattan 6.90 CHF
Sunglasses - Burberry 307.00 CHF

Stil enjoying the sun as far as it's staying with me and keeping me happy :-)

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