Sonntag, 29. September 2013

1- Day one

Goodmorning World!

It's finally here! The day we're heading off to MONTPELLIER <33
I am so excited and can't wait to get on the TGV to visit this exclusive town!!!
Actually it's a class tour so we agreed on different kind of activities while we're visiting Montpellier. On  tuesday there's a big Vintage market, which I am very excited about!!! :D
And we'll go for shopping, fun and entertainment to the greatest and biggest mall - THE ODYSEEUM. It's a kind of a shopping mall with a huge pear :-D OMG!!!

So right now I just came back from Montpellier and I have to confess - I am so exhausted!!!
This whole week was so amazing! But the thing is... I had no internet in that hotel and couldn't post my outfits of the week I was wearing and what I was doing :( I'm really very sorry!
I hope you're all well and still enjoy the posts ;-)

Dress by Zara 69.90 CHF
Coat by H&M 49.90 CHF
Bag by Burberry 1'500.00 CHF
Boots from a horse riding shop - sry I don't remember how the shop is called :-/
Necklace from Singapore 19.90$
Rings from Zara 19.90 CHF
Watch was a gift ;/)

 C u soon ;-**

Freitag, 20. September 2013


Barbie Fashion like Barbie Life in the dreamhouse ;-**

Sunglasses H&M outlet 5.00 CHF
Barbie Crop Top Ebay 4.99 £
Pink Trousers H&M outlet 15.00 CHF
Shoes ZARA 119.00 CHF
Coat ZARA 119.00 CHF

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

"The secret of happiness is joy in our hands"
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays and Poems

Beautiful hands are the business card of our body. But everyday stress the skin! Rinsing, cleaning, sun in summer, cold in winter and many times hand washing strain it and leach it out. No wonder that the hands are the body part that reveals the true age of a woman!
But who takes care will keep your hands visually young for a long time.

Happy manicure ;-**

Hope you're all well!!!


Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Vogue Shooting

Does anyone of you know, how an unusual sunday start? 
Well - I didn't until last sunday. 
My morning routin was, as always, the same beyond the fact that I was on my way to an awesome shooting with the great photographer,editor, artist and a wonderful human beeing Ralf Eyertt. About 12 o'clock my dady and I arrived in  Ralf's studio and were greeted warmly by him his lovely wife Biggi Eyertt and the charming stylist and make up-artist Linda Nicolla. After make up and styling we started our shooting about two o'clock in the afternoon. I was very nervous and deliriously excited!!!! I felt comfortable and from time to time I really got more and more confident and rediscovered how much I love modeling ;-** 

These photos bellow are some of my favorite pictures from my previous Shooting

Hope you like them <33 

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Current make-up and Styling news by Linda Nicolla on: 


Against statements of our fantastic shoots I can only say that it has made me incredibly happy to be working with such amazing people. I felt comfortable and had so much fun! So I especially want to say a big thank you to the great Ralf Eyertt and the great Linda Nicolla, who has made me so pretty <33 And of course a big thank you to the lovely and warm-hearted Biggi Eyertt!


Hope you're all well ;))

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Vogue - Preview

Hi Guys 
Well I don't want to show you to much but todays shooting with the amazing photographer and artist Ralf Eyertt and with the charming make up artist and stylist Linda Nicolla was so exclusive and radiant I can't even describe!!! So I chose some preview backstage photographys which I really wanted to show you:-)
Hope you're all well !

with the beautiful Linda Nicolla ;-**

and action! ^^

Thanks a lot to team awesome!!!!

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Samstag, 7. September 2013

Fashion 76

Tomorrow I'm meeting the great photographer and artist Ralf Eyertt ( for an exclusive photo-shoot!!! Location and subject: Vogue styling :-DD
I'm soo excited how it's going to be like that I even can't sleep. But I hope I will get enough sleep ;-) It's going to be soo great I'll be posting preview "backstage-photos" as soon as I can ;-)

Hope you're all well !

76 Shirt by Zara 39.90 CHF
Boots by Navyboot outlet 100.00 CHF
Bag by Zara 59.90 CHF
Olivgreen Coat by H&M Sale 30.00 CHF
Sunglasses by H&M 14.90 CHF