Sonntag, 25. August 2013

It's all aboout fa$hion ;-33

Hiii Guys!!!
Well a couple of weeks before I started my final college-project:
I'm organizing my own fashion show!!! :D
I'm trying to combine and associate two cultural aspects. My goal is to create portable outfits with a little bit indian and a little bit european style. At the moment I feel like I'm living in a shop cause my bedroom is full with wardrobe rods and I can hardly move!
I really love sparkling things on my decoltee or round my arms or on my fingers. What I absolutely love are earrings. They are my most precious treasures!!! Interesting piece of trivia not wearing jewelry as a woman is like a crime against the cultural views of a woman. I once went to a temple in India not wearing any kind of jewels.
I know now I would never walk into a temple without wearing bangles or earrings etc. You must have seen the looks they gave me!!!!
I felt soooo uncomfortable! But I'm sure they meant it on a good way :)
Any way ... untill the show will take place I'm planing on posting my designs and new ideas about how to wear "mixed fashion"
Hope you like it ;)

This is my absolute favorite masterpiece!!!
 I love it soo much!!! Like I would say: "expression through fashion" <33

 This is my latest piece I'm working with. The material is very difficult to work with but I'm more excited about how it will look like at the end ;)

 A little motivation for the new challenging start to this week!

You are there today, where you have placed your thoughts, you'll be there tomorrow where your thoughts lead you. "
--James Allen--

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