Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Goodbye Ki$S to summer 💋

Since school has started I realy tried to stay energic and fit but the more the weather gets bad from day to day I started feeling more and more dull and tired :-(
So I decided to take this last opportunity of kind a good weather to wear my bright neon colloured kiss-lips dress! I bought it for 20$ in Singapore in Far East's Mall.
Though the dress is quite bright, i combined it with very simple accesoires like hairbands and rings and with a pair of pink shoes, which I actually bought at a market in Luino for allmost 25£ :-DDD

P.S: Idecided to post more cultural stuff once a month with some extras;-)

So i hope you all had a wonderfull day!!!

KI$S 💋💋💋


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