Samstag, 31. August 2013

10 random facts about me ;-***

Hi Guys!!!!
Well actually I planed on posting a new outfit of mine today but I'm not feeling very well and I stayed at home the whole day and didn't even go to school :-( 
But I hope I get well soon .... so for today I thought I could post 10 random facts about me to get to know me better  ;-)

1. PINK:
 is my alltime favourite colour since I am a little kido <33  and I realy love wearing pink!!!

2. SHOES: 
Believe it or not I don't even have any insight about my shoes!!! I think I owe almost 100 or something!!! Seriously I stopped counting when I was at 76. As far as I remember!

M.M is one of the greatest actress, singer, entertainer and idole in the world. I'm her greatest fan. Why I adore her so much is, because she realy faught for dreams! Infact I have a huge poster of her in my room :-D

Every month I read the Cosmo with great pleasure;-)))

5. Tochter des Meeres: The Daughter of the ocean is my favourite book. It's a story about a little girl. She is a perfwct swimmer and ... Well that's an other story ;-)

6. Indian jewels: 
What I love about indian jewelry is all the sparkle and glitter!!! I couldn't believe my eyes even e-bay has indian jewels :-D !!!
e-bay Link:

7. Fruit smoothies:
My favorite snacks are fruits and smoothies to keep me fit :))

8. Barbie doll:
Barbie has accompanied me through my whole childhood and she's my seceret hero ;-**

9. mmh ... Spaghetti: 
Spaghetti is my favorite food! I especially love  it on cold, cloudy and rainy days.

10. Jonny Depp:
I think johnny depp is the best actor I've ever seen . What I personally love about him is his incredible versatility.
He's my STAAAR!!!!

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