Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

Hei Guys
This is my first post ;)
My name is Angela and I'm 18 years old. I live in Switzerland and I'm trying to creat a blog with my own fashion ideas. I would love to become a fashion designer I could actually say I have a burning desire to become a fashion designer :D But it's not really common to do something with art or jobs which aren't "sure enough for a whole life" in my culture. In the last two years I was trying to define my style and I'm still trying to create and figure out my style with my cultural background, which is really difficult!!!
*****Bollywood is all about glitter and glamour*** And it's hard to find a pleasant way to combine usual clothing with Bollywood items.
From time to time there will be some posts about food or cultural experience too. And other cool stuff. If you have any questions or request or even ideas please don't hesitate to contact me ;) 

I hope you'll enjoy my posts <33

                                                   (This was one of my first Indian shootings)

 This wonderful typical Indian outfit is from a small but very cute and cosy shop in Zürich. You'll find the whole set including jewels and even bindis :))