Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Voyage de Fashion

Guess where I am right know?!!?!?!

*********************SINGAPORE ************************

OMG!!! You won't believe it (or may be you do  ) it is soooo awesome here. The weather, the people, the food and most important SHOPPING !!!!

This is my first trip to Singapore and I love it <33

I've never been to New York, but I would say it's just as good as New York. Singapore is so international and the people here are very friendly 
What I even loved more, is that everyone had a particular, extraordinary,different and at the same time magnificent style. 

Check this out !!!!! :D

Sunday 14. July. 2013 


Firstly I decided to start my day with a healthy breakfast, which will keep me fit and full with energy through the whole day: fresh fruits brown bread with honey. I love fresh orangejuce in the morning. It is full of Vitamine C and has a magical affect to cheer you up.

Mmmm.... Yummiii :P  )

Departure was about 15.00 so I had enough time to choose my perfect travel outfit. I decided to go with a simple black overall combined with orange/beige high heels and an orange belt, golden jewels and some black and white bangles. Just to give it a little bit more texture. To keep it all simple I made a ponytale so that my face appears more bright. I have to admit the high heels were killing me after about 40 minutes!!! But I’m glad that I was in the flight on my seat by then. So I could take them off and relax my feat.

(shoes from Dosenbach SALE: 24.90 CHF


After a long trip about 5093 km we finally arrived in Dubai. Which I call "the city of mystical eyes". 
Beautiful jewels, scarfs and unique souvenirs are available all over the airport. There is especially one shop, which I really appreciate. That shop hasn't a name but it's easy to find, cause it's very central and there is a big camel statue in front of the shop (it's more like an open shop).

( Rings each 135 Dirhams = about 40.00 CHF)

<33 cute souvenirs

Monday 15. July. 2013 


My favorite shoppingcenter is called FAR-EAST. It's full with cute little shops, which offer you unique tops, pants, dresses and shoes  <33

So if you are planing to go to Singapore, this mall is really worth it¨¨

And don't forget to walk and shop along the Orchard Road, it is like our "BHf-strasse" in Zurich  Just much longer!!!!
Shops like Forever 21, Top Shop or for all ladies Vicoria's Secret are waiting for you ;)

Oh yeaaah two bags full !!!!

Orchard Parade Hotel


(Marilyn Monroe and  Betty Boop)

If you are looking for a well located Hotel, the Orchard Parade Hotel is very central and gives you a lot of opportunities.

Interesting places to visit:

- little India
- China Town

(both districts are copies from the original countries: the food, smell, the appearance... simply everything)

- Universal Studios !!!!

Keep smiling and have fun in Singapore:)

Next stop Sri Lanka ;)